Where to Order a Dozen Roses Online – A Dog House View of How to Avoid the Risks

Whether you’re a busy professional, don’t have a local florist that can handle your rose delivery needs, or just like the convenience of the Internet; do you know how and where to order a dozen roses online?In either case, the goal of this article is to provide “a dog house view”; making sure you know exactly what the potential risks are when choosing a rose delivery service online.First… What Is a Dog House View?The definitions of “a dog house view” or “the dog house point of view” are identical in reference. They are turbid phrases, both of which were originally created by this author.Metaphorically speaking; their meaning is best described as “a protective or territorial dog attack on predators” — The result of risking more than others think is safe, by caring more than others think is wise; voicing a loud or perspicacious opinion when others are troubled; affecting change, by generally disturbing the mental calm and contentment of those behind an object in question; such as…Exposing the Risks of Where to Order a Dozen Roses Online!One of the biggest mistakes a consumer could make, when looking to buy roses on the Internet, is putting too much stock into the “cheap roses” deal; trusting price as the prime deciding factor. Unfortunately, if they haven’t done an adequate amount of research, they probably wouldn’t know that a significant amount of the companies offering that “great deal”, are usually the services that are still having them pay a “bigger price tag” after all… only, in such a subtle way — They probably don’t even realize it!This Happens All the Time and It Could Happen to You…You’re way too busy, but NEED to order roses online; it’s an important anniversary, a birthday, a get well to a friend or an unexpected expression of sympathy. You’re running out of time, but again, you are really too busy to go through the hassle of visiting your local florist. Picking a floral arrangement from online photos will just have to do!So, you plug “where to order a dozen roses online” into your favorite search engine… Presto! There’s one… they’re even offering a 50% discount — Scored! You quickly fill out a barrage of their questions to buy roses online — You know the ones I mean?…your name, your address and phone number; your recipients name, their address and phone number… your email, your credit card info and whatever other personal information they NEED to collect from you, for you; about you and your gift recipient… because after all, they’re simply a rose delivery service, so why wouldn’t you trust them — Right?Well, that’s the tricky part… How do you know you’ve chosen the right service? Without taking time to do research, by educating yourself on where to order a dozen roses online, you’ll just have to accept all the risks and hope you didn’t choose the wrong arrangement.The Dog House Point of View…As the saying goes — “Every rose does have its thorns.” This holds true when picking a new rose arrangement. There’s usually no other way to avoid all of those hurtful pricks… other than diving in painfully to grab one!But, seriously… beyond the thorns, they’re only roses — so what’s the big deal?For starters… depending on circumstance, your main goal for ordering roses online is to give a friend or loved one a specific moment of happiness or comfort. Well, guess what? You’re already gambling by trusting somebody else online to carry out these wishes for you. But, don’t get me wrong… there are many professional services online that can and will do that for you. I am merely suggesting that jeopardizing the happiness or contentment of your recipient is way too big of a risk to take, at least without doing the proper research on WHO you’ve entrusted the responsibility with. That being said…
Did the florist educate you on the proper use of rose color meanings for your occasion?
Will the floral arrangement be of good quality?
When they deliver your chosen bouquet, will it look even remotely close to the picture of what you thought it would be?
Here’s a Big One…
Will they deliver on time without getting lost; calling the recipient and inadvertently blowing your surprise?
But, the Biggest Risk to You and Your Gift Recipient…
FINE PRINT — Does this company sell or share any of the personal information collected from your online transaction?
Buyer Beware: There’s reasons to investigate further if an online discount sounds too good to be true — Do the research to protect yourself, your loved ones and your friends.There are many companies online that operate on a simple law of averages — Meaning… they’ll sacrifice a percentage of expected profits by flooding the Internet with highly discounted services, just so they can easily attract a larger number of potential buyers. So… what’s the problem with that? Gambling on the fact that most people will not take the time to do any deep research (the fine print), they’ll have you continue on your merry way; happily discounted, but completely unaware that they may actually be selling your personal details to unknown third parties for a larger profit.In other words, they can afford to give out those higher discounts simply by profiting from the distribution of your personal information to marketing companies. These are people or businesses that may not even be related to the floral industry at all.At this point, for some cautious consumers, it may even be irrelevant to look further at the general operations of these companies — The fact is, they are definitely taking advantage of an assumed trust that most people would have for a florist; negatively capitalizing on basic human nature. They may have good products and services, but their customer policies or ethics leave a bit to be desired. Unfortunately, there’s even more…What about Your Innocent and Unaware Gift Recipient?They may be unknowingly harassed because of a Fresh-Trusted-Delivery company you chose to do business with; plucked from some fluffy e-How article, or any other simple search query like where to order a dozen roses online. Oh yeah — Don’t kid yourself…They might have even been given the rights to sell, or share all of your friends and loved ones information too!…BY WHO? — YOU! — If you accepted a transfer of information to their website, you may have been unaware that some of these companies have a clause that may state something similar to this: “…you are the authorized person to distribute all information you’ve supplied; giving permission for our company and its partners to use your personal details, as we prescribe to do within our privacy policy.”Again… please don’t kid yourself. Wake up and smell the roses — Just because they say… “we’re committed to protecting the privacy of our customers”, in their Privacy Policy title or first paragraph, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t purposely designed to steer you away from reading deeper and finding out the truth!Like, maybe they profit too much to actually do “Jack Squat” about protecting YOU or your gift recipients’ peace of mind.Now You Know — Avoid Those Thorns!So, time has quickly passed — You’ve discovered that the increase of junk snail mail, telemarketing intrusions and floods of email spam for Viagra and weight loss systems, are ultimately your fault for not educating yourself to begin with. The unfortunate part is that your special recipient isn’t aware — Even if they did receive a fresh rose arrangement on time, with the colors you selected from understanding the proper use of rose color meanings, they are still at risk of being harassed. That’s if they haven’t been already… just like you!Bummer — I am truly sorry if this scenario has already happened to you. But, now you know; it’s not an unheard of thing to have naturally trusted a florist… that you didn’t feel the need to read a ridiculous novel of policies just to buy some roses online!It’s also no problem if you don’t have the nerve to tell your gift recipient either — Just bookmark this article and casually send them here!What Can You Do?Simply put — Research! Read ALL of their website policies and fine print, before you buy roses or any floral arrangement online.Now that you know how to avoid the risks when buying a dozen roses online — It’s time for you to learn where to order a dozen roses online……especially if you’re “In the Dog House”There are many good and trustworthy online rose delivery services — I truly wish you all the best in your search for the right company. However, if you genuinely do not have the time, or just need a point in the right direction, I’ve devoted some research with my “Dog House Dave” theme for guys — A helpful blog about where to order a dozen roses online; just a few of my own recommended rose delivery services that I have also trusted to use….’til the next time,

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Can Fun Online Games Be Healthy?

Did you know that not only kids and teens play fun online games? A lot of us play games in the internet just for fun and to relax or have a break from our busy lives and our work. If kids do it for pure fun and exhilaration, we do it not only for pleasure but also to bring things back into perspective.Facing daily stress is not good for our health. Whether it is a good laugh or playing fun online games, we need something that can break the chains of stress, which will deteriorate our health fast.Almost 50% of all health related issues are directly results of daily stress and it is not just a matter of consequence. Given this fact, we all are encouraged to find something that can perk our days up and relieve the pressure.It would be great to find a website that offers internet-based games, flash games or web-based games that you can play alone or with other people with the same goal as you, which is to have some fun. It would be even better if the site you have come across have a large collection of free online games that you can choose from so that you can enjoy the diversity.If you are looking for some free fun then Fun Online Games would be a great option. If you are just a casual gamer who just wanted to take a break from the hustles of your daily routine, playing these games would definitely change your mood in no time. In fact, more than 200 million people are now hooked on playing online web-based games.If you are not that computer savvy and you just wanted to play for fun, these online games are user-friendly, which will not require you to have any background of flash games at all. Even your kids can play along with you as well.Laying back and relaxing does not necessarily mean you should take a nap or do nothing for the entire duration. Sometimes having a few good laughs with online games and having fun playing are a good way to start brightening your mood.

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